‘‘यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत।अभ्यूत्थानंमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम्।।

This famous quote from Mahabharata means that whenever sin/chaos in the world would rise, I, Krishna, will come to earth to destroy the evil & establish the religion. You may be wondering what’s the relevance of this quote in this article. Well, Here the sin/chaos & the evil is synonymous with The Capitalistic Rise in Empire of Alibaba & Shri Krishna is the man himself — The protector — Xi Jinping. In the process of destroying the evil, Xi Jinping has led the collapse of the World’s Biggest IPO, Jack Ma’s Ant…

As I entered my living room, I heard Amitabh Bachchan’s voice — 12 va sawaal 12,50,000 rupayo ke liye apke computer screen par yeh raha… It was a KBC Karamveer episode featuring Gyanendra Purohit and Monica Purohit, who champion the cause of the Deaf & Speech-Impaired Community of India. To my surprise, during a conversation, Gyanendra & Monica revealed that the Government of India doesn’t possess the exact data on physically disabled persons and that they go from village to village to increase awareness & provide them with education & care. I wondered why even in these Digital times do…

Another daughter lost…Another family broken…Victim blaming…Candle marches…TV Anchors…False medical reports…Frivolous cover-ups…Vote bank politics, and Another forgotten incident, nothing but all exposing the lies of the largest democracy in the world.

We, the people of India having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a society of Justice, Liberty, and Equality, are worse than Ghajani’s Aamir at forgetting such incidents. But what can we do? We are just 1.35 Billion people, who together turn deaf & mute as soon as either a star gets pregnant, or we win another cricket match. Then what, we turn the channel to Kapil Sharma Show, and…

We all remember Arnab’s interview with Rahul Gandhi & the horror it entailed for Congress during the 2014 General Elections. Since then, we have witnessed Modi’s strong oratory and crowd maneuvering skills. Be it Left or Right, everyone recognizes these skills & is a fan at heart.

But recently why, more & more people have started pouring into protests, coming out on streets & venting on social media? Suddenly the cornerstone of Modi & his associates has been struggling to survive, leading to large-scale public outrage ranging from Citizenship Amendment Bill to Farm Bill 2020. …

Its 4.21 PM, I am at the Airport, in an attempt to relieve myself temporarily from the monotony of corporate life & my hostel’s tasteless food. A small trip to the city where I was born, brought up & lived- Bhilai, from the city which has given me the strength & money to go back to my place- Delhi.

Delhi is India’s busiest airport with thousands of flights taking off in a single day, taking millions of people to their destination or to just a short escape. I could judge the basis clothes & size of luggage. Frantically moving from…

Entertainment on Internet- Opening of new a creative space or So-Called Metamorphosis of Cinema

Internet penetration coupled with cheap smartphones has led to a multifold rise in Data consumption across the globe. Telecom companies want to reach everyone & smartphones wants to sell more. Today there are more than 2.5 Billion smartphone users worldwide, up 66% from 2014.

Today ‘Roti kapda aur Makaan’ has been changed to ‘Roti Kapda & Internet’ (Food, Cloth & Internet).

Mobile Tower to Data Call: How Phone works

Imagine yourself on the street in a hot summer night, body covered with sweat, unable to contact your cab driver when you are already late for your flight, I am sure people living near equator can feel the pain. At that moment we don’t understand that enormous work that has been done to connect that call, within milliseconds.

World population has grown enormously over last few years. We were about a billion 100 years ago & now it’s a whopping 8 billion & counting. This exponential growth in population has increased population density across the world, turning playgrounds into roads, city into a jigsaw puzzle, houses into match box & lastly human into a machine.

Today the world GDP stands at 75 Trillion USD, 20 times the GDP 30 years ago. The human race, biologically most advanced, in search of prosperity designed the concept of COMPETITION, keeping in mind well interests of our people. But has this seemingly…


Its 11.32 PM, I am trying to write my first article, as I write in my laptop my fingers froze not because its a frigid night but because I can’t think anymore, its like a train coming to halt, a heart stop beating not pleasant but sudden, so sudden that I forgot to even name the article.

Reading ignites my mind, it makes me want to write, but right now writing is making me inoperative. I have thought of it a lot, always trying to give it a shape in my mind, always thinking of appealing titles & catchy lines…

Suryakant Raycha

An Engineer, A seeker, Aspired writer !!

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